“I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders
not more followers” Ralph Nader.

Business Coaching

I believe that business leaders and executives can be more effective in dealing with complex challenges that face them and their teams. I am here to help them navigate through those challenges. I help business leaders and executives to deal with complex business challenges facing them and their teams.


I believe that businesses have the ability to achieve their ambitious objectives even within the context of a complex, volatile and uncertain environment. We help them to look at things differently. I work with businesses that are ambitious to achieve their objectives within a complex, volatile and uncertain global business environment.


Tleli Makhetha is a qualified business coach with more than 30 years of professional and executive experience in diverse industries. Tleli believes that you have the potential to be more effective and significantly improve your leadership and business performance. Along with his extensive academic qualifications he trained as a professional coach with the University of Pretoria, Gordon Institute of Business Science. Tleli has been involved in business from an early age. He has tasted success and failure in businesses of different sizes. Clients who have a desire to achieve results and have a passion to succeed continue to benefit from the experience, skills, training and passion that Tleli brings to each coaching engagement.

"I have learnt from my experience that when you allow your leadership, your thinking, your behaviours and actions to be open to transformation you will improve your personal and business results."
Academic Qualifications
- BCom (Unisa)
- LLB (Wits)
- Wolfson Programme (University of Cambridge)
- AEP (Unisa - SBL)
- MPhil (University of Pretoria - GIBS)
Personal Awards
- Finalist Small Business of the Year – 2009
(Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industries)
- International Lifetime Achievement Award – Air Cargo Africa 2019
(for contribution in the development of Air Cargo in Africa)
Work Experiences
Attorney, Legal Advisor, Contracts Manager, Aviation Executive, General Manager, Company Secretary, Executive Director, Business Owner and Business Coach.
International Experience
- Global Head of South African Airways Cargo
- Executive Director in aviation maintenance and leasing companies
- Member of the Cargo Committee of the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
- Trustee Representative at The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)


Using my experience as an accomplished executive, I continuously work with executives on the importance of improving business and personal results through transforming leadership, thinking, behaviours and actions.


Using my experience as an accomplished executive, I continuously work with executives on the importance of improving business and personal results through transforming leadership, thinking, behaviours and actions.
Coach Training
- Professional Business Coaching Programme
(University of Pretoria - GIBS)
- ActionCoach (USA)
- Crucial Conversations (Vital Smarts)

Coaching Experience (As practitioner)

- Own coaching franchise - Action Coach
- Coaching of Professionals – Attorneys and Conveyancers
- Business Owner coaching – Construction, Funeral Parlors and IT
- Group coaching – Mining Supplier, Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce, SAB Kickstart programme, HP - Reseller development programme
- Corporate Executives – SA Express, Law firm senior partners
Coaching Expertise
- Transformative Leadership
- Managing challenging leadership discussions
- Leading through volatility and uncertainty
- Performance development/role enhancement
- Stakeholder management
- Corporate governance
- Operating in a global environment
- Leadership of professional and diverse teams


Allowing the coachee to use the coach toreflect on their own challenges, strengths and desired outcomes.
The coachee is the best expert on themselves and my role is to offer an accepting and authentic relationship that stretches and helps them achieve optimal functioning.
In an organisational environment it is critical to align the coaching outcomes with the coachee’s role within the organisation.
This is the most critical element of the coaching relationship.
Development of cognitive and behavioural awareness
Long term success within an organisation requires managers and executives to continuously learn how their environment is working and changing and adapt appropriately.
Critical for the provision of a safe space within the coaching relationship. Discussions during the coaching engagement between coach and coachee are treated with the utmost confidentiality and can only be shared with another party with the consent of the coachee or legally binding compulsion
A key element of the professional discussions between the coach, the coachee and client (organization).
Individual leadership consulting
Inform strategies to build a diverse talent pipeline for key roles; and develop onboarding plans for new executives.
Business strategy facilitation
Such programs can prepare senior executive teams to select key strategic priorities, develop strategy implementation plans and to generally mobilize the company.


Over 30 years of professional and executive management experience.
- Business owner - Action Coach franchisee
- Coaching – Professional practices, Construction, Funeral Parlours, Training providers and IT
- Multinationals, SOCs, SMMEs and family owned businesses
- Various industries (Legal, Mining, Electricity generation, Aviation, Logistics and Financial services)
- Company Secretary (Subsidiary of a JSE listed company)
- Over 30 years of professional and executive management experience
- Individual Leadership Consulting
- Business Strategy Facilitation
- Corporate Governance
- Leadership Development
- Legal Strategies and Compliance
- Regional Expansion Strategies
- Air Cargo and Logistics
- Value Chain Mapping
- International Business Strategies
- Navigating the Political Economy

It’s time to take Action
and improve your business


Tleli, thank you for all the pearls of wisdom, for stretching me, for allowing me to be creative, for allowing me to dare to lead. Thank you for also allowing me to impart to you what I know. It was humbling when in a session we could both have AHA! moments. What a journey it has been. Your next coachees are in good and capable hands.

Yvonne Mkefa – Group Employee Relations Executive (Old Mutual)


Tleli, the knowledge and wisdom he had imparted upon me has been a great help and support in my career. He has inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication, he also showed me the value of honesty, sincerity and trust in business.

Thulile Dlamini – Manager:  Line Maintenance (South African Airways Technical)


The coaching was an eye-opener. You have managed to encourage and keep me motivated through the coaching sessions, as opposed to leaving my current career as an engineer. Your listening and questioning skills during the coaching sessions provoked my thoughts on various aspects (new and existing). This, as well as your guidance, helped me to conclude historical work-issues and grow within my career.

James Nyakale, Project Manager  

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